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What happened? Why did God Choose...

When the Torah was given 1.5 million Egyptians left with Moses -- monotheists no doubt
bullet Perhaps Egyptian believers in a one god concept derived from Tutankhamen's father Iknaton
bullet He was the first monotheist -- believing and imposing Aton as an only god
bullet He was punished by the priests after death and his ways and marks were eradicated and expunged from all temples, buildings, obelisks, and monuments
bullet Why should other life forms out in the universe want to visit such a wretched creature's turf?
bullet How come he human animal -- if you can call us that -- kills off people whose ideas it fears?
bullet Man fears the unknown and therefore needs to invent gods to make the fears and insecurities bearable
bullet There is no question that what Aristotle called a 'prime mover' has to exist because there is too much beauty and symmetry in creation for it all to be an accident
bullet The old question posed to Darwinists is: if we come from monkeys how come they are still here?
bullet If creation happens in stages of survival of the fittest how can bees have a queen, drones, worker bees? Would they not have to be created ex nihilo in one fell swoop rather than in stages of development?
bullet In classical thought, Christianity alone, or more precisely, the Judeo-Christian tradition, knows the notion of absolute creation
bullet Creatio ex nihilo (‘creation out of nothing’) is a dogma of the faith. God has not created starting from something, but starting with what is not, from ‘nothingness’. It is the work of the will of God, and therefore is not co-eternal with God (it has a beginning and will have an end).
Eve was not the first!
bullet Adam was created by God according to Genesis as an androgynous being half male and half female (the female half was Lilith -- a being as powerful as Adam in her own right -- who was his 'better half' as the saying goes)" . . . male and female created he them"
bullet Adam and Lilith were created covered in nails (as in fingernails)
bullet After the birth of Cain and Hevel (Abel) Adam went back to Lilith and created demons for 132 years until the birth of Seth.
bullet The 'true' or 'deep' knowledge is not readily available to the populace because the rabbis think the masses cannot handle it
bullet Eve did not eat any apple, it was her act of sexual union with the snake that got us into the mess we are in!
bullet Adam impregnated Eve and she gave birth to Cain and Hevel along with twin girls who married Hevel and a single girl that was born along with Cain who married him
bullet The question is this: why do the Christians and Muslims not honor the Hebrews as their older more knowledgeable brothers?
bullet How could they?!
bullet It would mean respecting the Hebrews!

If the world were run by women would we see war so readily?
bullet Are men inherently afraid of the female of the species?
bullet Who in reality is the 'weaker' sex?
bullet Does the fact that women are as goddesses creating life cause a deep seated desire in men to control
bullet Do men need to rule over women and use their larger physicality to take advantage of women?

* "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Marx.
* "Religion is bunk" Thomas Alva Edison
* It is in fact a license to kill people and ideas from the beginning of time.

Those in power in any religion tend to support the landed gentry or the wealthy by whitewashing their cruelty towards other beings, people or animals.

* Just look into the way aborigines have been treated in the Americas.
* The movie "the Mission" paints a pretty accurate picture of the abuse heaped on aborigines, and subsequent massacre by the Spanish -- Portuguese alliance.
* Did God create the world as the only place in the universe with billions of solar systems as the only planet with life as the church the rabbis and muftis would have us believe?
* Is the church guilty of promulgating the dark ages by suppressing and killing off ideas and the people that wrought them?
o And the spirit of God hovered over the waters . . . Genesis -- Genesis.
o Some say that was the spirit of Jesus...
o I say that was the zenith of God's spiritual harmony and shall we say vibration?
* There has never been any evidence presented why the era of peace everlasting that the King has prepared for his feast failed to materialize after Jesus came and went.
* The rising from one amongst us is bound to happen as our past lives keep teaching us how stupid so called humanity is.

The Anointed one -- Mashiach -- has been here from the first moment of creation

* He lives inside you and me and one from amongst us will reveal how to be.
* How come we can't play together without claiming we our religion, faith or belief system is the best?
o Or the strongest? We can see with our own eyes what the muftis, ayatollahs and other Muslim leaders think about other ideas than the ones they believe in -- even within their own Muslim faith!
* If Jesus came along today to criticize the church, he would be killed all over again by the institution that invented the dark ages.

Poor Bruno, the inquisitors hung him naked, upside down with his tongue incapacitated and burned him alive for saying there could be life in other planets. The man invented mnemonics hundreds of years ahead of his day! He is a martyr who was not just a religious sectarian, caught up in the psychology of some mob hysteria. He was a sensitive, imaginative poet, fired with the enthusiasm of a larger vision of a larger universe ... and he fell into the error of heretical belief. For this poet's vision he was kept in a dark dungeon for eight years and then taken out to a blazing market place hung upside down, naked with his tongue incapacitated and roasted to death by fire.

* How many Jews were tortured, robbed of their possessions, hung, burnt alive, branded witches?
* How many Jews were burned alive in front of their children and their offspring told: "Convert or this will happen to you"!
* Leave it to the church to kill off any possibility of independent thought in the name of the love of Jesus. What a farce!
* Today we learn about the crimes committed by degenerate so called celibate priests who when sexually aroused see fit to abuse young boys, women who come for spiritual support in times of trouble and ... at times girls
* Yes it was the church that promulgated the dark ages murdering and torturing anyone that opposed their way of thinking.

Wagons filled with torture machinery roamed Europe for hundreds of years instilling fear in anyone daring to think differently than the warped church leadership, enforcing their dogma with their terror tactics!

What a spiritual endeavor the inquisition was! The world hates Jews because no matter how much you torture them and rob them of their property they rise again. Being called chosen in the Bible does not help much!

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Originally Popes had children and were not celibate.

The Church waged wars and ran governments by using fear and terror to enforce its dictum.

The Friday the 13th massacre of Templars by the King of France and the Pope (at the behest of the King of France) was a move to steal their fortunes.

Why would the Pope kill his own elite guards?

For money and power. The kingdom of France and the Pope were out to steal the Templar's fortunes.

The dome of the Rock was NOT built on top of the old Temple site. There was a deliberate conspiracy to deceive Muslims to believe it was in fact the site!

How come everyone hates Jews?

How come Jews make it in any profession, in any land, under severe oppression?

The word Ghetto was coined in Italy after effectively quaranteeing all Jews in a walled sub city.

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